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Gretchen and Gershwin


Gretchen DeMone Dressage is a teaching, training, judging, and consulting business owned and operated by Gretchen DeMone.   Gretchen offers lessons, training, judging and consulting services in the equine sport of classical dressage. 


Gretchen is certified by the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) to teach, train and judge.   Certified instructors undergo a rigorous two-day testing and must pass nine practical sections, a written and an oral exam to become certified.   Certified Instructors are required to complete continuing education criteria annually.   The USDF "L" judges program is a demanding one year program that also culminates in a comprehensive two day testing. 


Using analytical skills rooted in classical methodology, Gretchen works successfully with horses of many different breeds and temperaments.   Her approach is on ensuring the horse and rider's foundation is solid before proceeding with a gymnastic system of training the horse up the training pyramid and, therefore, up the dressage test show levels.


As you will find in the About Gretchen section, her equine background is diverse. This diverse experience, her natural intuition, and formal training afford Gretchen the skills to train horses in a uniquely perceptive way.   Where appropriate, she will incorporate cross training, trail riding, gymnastic jumping, galloping, and natural horsemanship ground work in to her training regime.

Gretchen and Gershwin

Gretchen and Gershwin


Photo credit: Photos by Barb